We are Itijah

Itijah, meaning direction in Arabic, is a grassroots NGO working towards empowering Palestinian youth by creating the space and means through which young people can participate in various areas of activism, volunteerism and civil society. Our goal is to support young people as they contribute to Palestinian society in accordance with their own desires, talents and skills. We offer mentorship, networks, connections and a physical space for young people to come together to make their desired contributions a reality.


In Palestine, there is no shortage of motivated and driven young people who hold themselves accountable for the development and prosperity of their home. Itijah’s mission is to support and empower these young people– to foster connections with each other and with various organizations in Palestinian civil society. Itijah offers mentorship, networks, connections and a physical space for young people to make their desired contributions a reality.


Itijah’s vision is to create a space that connects young people who are passionate about volunteerism, scholarship and social entrepreneurship. We envision a space that feels like an extended family, where young people are bound by a common purpose and are empowered to thrive according to their own interests and skills. Most importantly, we wish to inspire the notion that powerful change is possible when altruism is the highest standard and the greatest reward.